What’s new?

Sphere now supports AAX DSP, which means all owners of Avid HDX systems can now also enjoy guaranteed low-latency monitoring in Pro Tools. Whether you’ve been waiting for this all along or are learning about Sphere for the first time: it’s time to unlock the finest microphones in recording history on HDX. Sphere is the only microphone modeling solution for AAX DSP out there. Download the free software installer including AAX DSP and get started right away.

Please note: If you don’t use Pro Tools with an HDX card, you don’t necessarily need to update. If you have Sphere 1.2 then you already have all of the latest mic models and features. Just hang tight until the next update with new mic models is ready!

Which other platforms and DAWs are supported?

Apart from AAX DSP, Sphere has been supporting AAX Native, VST, AU, and UAD-2 since version 1.0. We strive to support as many platforms and plug-in formats as possible. Doing so, means that more people can use Sphere which helps grow the community, and allows us to focus on developing cool stuff that helps you make better recordings.

What exactly is the Sphere Microphone Modeling System and why do I need it?

Excellent question! What this video, explore our other content and download the free, fully-functioning software as well as our pre-recorded tracks to find out:

You are invited to install the free, fully-featured Sphere plug-in for all major platforms and DAWs. Try it now and reimagine our library of pre-recorded tracks.