Inner Circle Podcast Interviews Chris Townsend

Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Closet Vocal BoothI recently had the honor of being interviewed by Bobby Owsinski for his Inner Circle podcast. He talked with me about the Sphere microphone system, the future direction of Townsend Labs and a range of other topics. Click the link below to listen to the podcast (or you can download the mp3 here).

Inner Circle Podcast – Episode #139 – Modeling Mic Developer Chris Townsend

Typically Bobby conducts the interviews over Skype, which of course puts some limits on the audio quality of the recording. But given that Townsend Labs is a microphone company, I thought there should be no excuse not to have the best possible sound quality. I set up a temporary vocal booth in my wife's closet with a Sphere L22 microphone and tracked my side of the conversation in Pro Tools.

All of the audio you hear of my voice is with this setup using the Sphere 47 mic model. I think it sounds quite good and shows what can be done with a simple makeshift booth, as you can see in the picture here.