Can I use the Sphere microphone with any preamp I want?

Yes, as long as it has 48V phantom power and two available channels; although we have some recommended guidelines which will generally produce the best results. We recommend using a preamp with precision-matched gain controls, to make setting levels super easy.

Audio recording interfaces with digitally controlled preamps, such as the Universal Audio Apollo series (excluding Apollo 16), RME Fireface UFX, and the Apogee Duet or Quartet, are a great choice for use with Sphere. With these interfaces the gain between two channels can be linked, so equal level will always be maintained.

Pure analog designs with stepped attenuators, such as a Neve 1073 or a Millennia HV-3D, can also work very well, as long as they are not overloaded and are instead used in their linear range.

If the preamp has adjustable input impedance, we generally recommend using the highest setting, which in some cases can provide slightly better gain matching between channels.

Visit the Recommended Preamps page for a list of over 250 preamps and audio interfaces that have precision matched inputs.