How do I edit the Sphere plug-in preferences file?

While we generally do not recommend editing there Sphere preferences file, there are some hidden options you can tweak if so inclined. The preferences file is found here:

Windows: C:\Users\<YOUR USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Townsend Labs\Townsend Labs Sphere.txt

OSX: Macintosh HD/Users/<YOUR USERNAME>/Library/Application Support/Townsend Labs/Townsend Labs Sphere.txt

Any new preference options should be added between the start tag <PROPERTIES> and end tag </PROPERTIES>.

  • To disable plug-in tooltips add the following line:
    <VALUE name="DisableTooltips" val="1"/>
  • To force plug-in view to always open in Dual Mode on instantiation add the following line:
    <VALUE name="ForceDualModeView" val="1"/>
  • To disable warning messages add the following line:
    <VALUE name="DisableWarningMessages" val="1"/>