How do I use a preamp emulation plug-in with Sphere?

For purely software preamp emulations we recommend placing the preamp plug-in after the Sphere plug-in.  If you are using Universal Audio Unison preamp modelling, see our FAQ which covers that.

In this case, it generally makes sense to use a clean and transparent hardware preamp, so that preamp coloration is only applied once. Nonetheless, if you like the sound of hardware preamp coloration combined with software preamp coloration then, by all means, use it that way.

There are many mic preamps which, for the purposes of Sphere, can be considered clean and transparent. Some of these include:

  • Universal Audio Apollo series interfaces (with Unison disabled and excluding Apollo 16)
  • Apogee interfaces, such as the Quartet, Ensemble and Symphony
  • MOTU interfaces, such as the 4pre, 1248 and 8M
  • RME interfaces, such as the Fireface UFX and Babyface
  • Presonus interfaces, such as the Studio 192 and Digimax DP88
  • Roland interfaces, such as the Quad-Capture and Octa-Capture
  • Avid PRE and HD Omni
  • Focusrite interfaces, such as the Forte and Red 4Pre  (with 'Air' mode disabled)
  • Antelope Audio interfaces, such as the Zen Studio and Orion Studio
  • Prism interfaces, such as the Atlas and Titan