I already have a great microphone collection. Why should I buy Sphere?

  1. Even the best mic collection has its limits. What if you want multiple U47s or U67s for different sources?  Unless you are Abbey Road, most studios are lucky to have one U47 or U67.
  2. Vintage mics of the same type can sound very different depending on age, condition, and original production. For example, there are a number of distinctly different sounding flavors of U47s, such as those with an M7 capsule, an original K47 capsule and a later production K47 capsule with plastic diaphragm mounting ring. With Sphere you can have them all.
  3. Auditioning and switching between mics can be tedious, and might tire a vocalist.
  4. Don’t risk trashing your vintage U47 by putting it on a guitar amp or kick drum
  5. Don’t risk blowing out a ribbon mic with a plosive or a loud source
  6. Adjust the polar pattern and mic type while tracking and after recording!
  7. You can actually adjust the amount of proximity effect of the microphone
  8. With Off-Axis Correction™ you can greatly reduce bleed from other instruments
  9. Use the mic in adverse acoustic environments, such as a hotel room. With Off-Axis Correction you can reduce the influence of poor acoustics.
  10. Take it with you on the road, and leave your irreplaceable vintage mics at home.
  11. When paired with an Apollo or Apollo Twin you have access to a complete world class vocal or instrument signal chain at your fingertips, all with ultra low latency processing.
  12. Has a substantially lower noise floor than virtually any vintage microphone, and most modern ones as well.
  13. Requires far less time and money for microphone maintenance (VF-14 tubes are expensive, if you can find one!)