Is there anything special about the Sphere microphone hardware?

Beyond being a dual output “beamforming” microphone, the hardware is built to very exact tolerances, ensuring consistent modeling performance from one Sphere microphone to the next. The electronics in the microphone is designed to have extremely precise gain matching between channels. The gain matching is typically within 0.05dB. The gain tolerance is maintained no matter what microphone pad setting is selected.

The microphone capsule is manufactured with very high quality control and tight tolerances, so that the capsule in every Sphere microphone has an extremely high level of consistency in sound. This is particularly important for this application, so that the modeling closely matches the target microphones. Having this level of quality control on the capsule dramatically increases the cost of the microphone, because a higher percentage of capsules must be rejected to find the good ones.

The microphone electronics are also very low noise, with a specification of 7 dB-A SPL equivalent input noise level.