When recording sound with Sphere the left channel in my DAW is much louder than the right. Is there something wrong?

No, this is normal. The Sphere microphone has front and rear capsules. When picking up sound from the front of the microphone the front output will be considerably louder than the rear. In this case, the rear output typically is 10 to 20dB lower than the front, although if the rear level is more than 30dB lower than the front this can indicate a problem with level calibration or some other issue.

When sound is coming directly from the sides of the microphone then the level between channels will be approximately equal. This can be used as a quick and approximate test that preamp gain is set equally on both channels and that the mic is working properly.

Watch this video covering the basics of the Sphere plug-in with a closer look at what a typical vocal performance should look and behave like in your DAW: