Sphere plug-in is not showing in Logic Pro. What should I do?

This seems to be a common problem with Logic. But first it is important verify that you are trying to instantiate Sphere on a stereo track. If the track is mono, then Sphere will not be shown in the plug-in list.

Once you confirm that you are using a stereo track, then here are some other things to try. Some users have reported that rebooting the computer is all that was needed to fix the problem, so try that first. You may also need to force Logic to rescan plug-ins.

To perform a rescan of Townsend Labs Sphere:

  • Go to Logic Pro X > Preferences > Plug-In Manager
  • Highlight the "Townsend Labs Sphere" plug-ins and click Reset & Rescan Selection.

If that doesn't work then it might be necessary to rescan all plug-ins by removing the Audio Unit cache file.

  • In the Finder window go into ~Library/Caches/AudioUnitCache.
  • Delete the files from AudioUnitCache folder or move the files to the Desktop.
  • Restart the computer, then open Logic Pro X. This will cause all installed Audio Unit plug-ins to be rescanned.