What's Special About the Ocean Way Mic Collection?

Available for Sphere is the Ocean Way Mic Collection plug-in exclusively for the UAD platform, which models the best-of-the-best microphones from Allen Side's personal collection. The world-renowned collection has been used by many of the biggest names in the recording industry.

For Ocean Way Studios, Allen Sides acquired (and sold) more than 400 U47s over the years, which is all the more amazing given that only about 5000 U47s were produced. Allen critically listened to every tube mic that came through his studio, because with vintage mics there can be a lot of variation from mic to mic. Of course, he kept the best and sold the rest.

The OW-47 model is based on one of his favorite 47s, serial number 2679, that he kept in his personal collection, which has a large condenser K47 capsule and a VF14 tube. In total Allen estimates that he bought (and sold) well over a thousand vintage tube mics.

The OW-800 model is based on a prototype Sony C800G from Allen Sides' personal collection. Allen Sides and Ocean Way were involved in the very early development of the C800G and Allen was given two C800G prototypes for listening tests. This prototype has a slightly warmer character than a production C800G. Notable vocalists that have recorded with Allen's prototype 800 include Faith Hill, Ron Isley, Mary J. Blige, Stevie Wonder, Burt Bacharach and Brian Setzer.",