Why did you decide to make this product and what makes you uniquely qualified to do so?

First and foremost, both Erik and I have worked in the pro audio industry for over 15 years, and we love it. When I developed the Eleven amp modeling algorithms I started to become very familiar with the various new and vintage microphones used in the modeling. I wondered if it was possible to accurately model the complete response of the microphones, not just in a few fixed positions on a particular guitar amp.

Looking back over the past few decades I felt there was a major lack of innovation with studio microphones. Many new microphones were released, but they were all based on much older technology and had about the same feature set as mics you could buy in the 1950s. You might even say that there has been nothing new in studio microphones for more than 50 years.

My passion is creating cool, useful and innovative audio products, so I felt that the microphone category was a good place to focus my efforts.