How to Record Asian Pop Live Event

This live stream featured a detailed discussion of how to record and produce Asian pop with Enik Lin and Jae Chong. This is your chance to learn Asian pop recording techniques from the pros.

Watch the How To Record Asian Pop live stream on Youtube

Enjoy the free live Q&A session right here or on our YouTube channel as broadcast on Tuesday, February 23rd. Then we continued the conversation with Enik and Jae on Clubhouse. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch future live events.

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What to expect from our live panel

Our guests, Enik Lin and Jae Chong, are both heavy-hitters in the Asian pop music production world. Enik Lin is a Golden Melody nominated music producer/mix engineer and the lead singer of the band FYKE. His production credits span from K-pop to J-rock and include artists Amber Liu, Royal Pirates, Van Ness Wu, Nicky Lee, OLDCODEX, and Solid. Jae Chong is an award-winning music composer/producer with over 70 million albums sold worldwide. As a member of "Solid", the first R&B group in Korea, he helped pioneer the K-pop sound in the early 90s. He is credited for countless hit songs in Asia from the 90s to the current day.

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Both producers have recently adopted our Sphere L22 microphone as a cornerstone of their music creation process. We talked about why this microphone is so useful for their work and what challenges it has helped them overcome. What does it take to produce polished Asian pop tracks, and how can the microphone help you get there? What microphone models are particularly well suited for K-pop, for example?

But the live panel was not just about microphones. More broadly speaking, we touched on workflows, production techniques, and tips & tricks. In other words, everything you need to know about how to record Asian pop!

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