Live Q&A with Grammy-winner Cassidy Turbin

Get ready for a Live Q&A session with Grammy-winner Cassidy Turbin: For the 5x-Grammy-winning producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist Cassidy Turbin, the magic of recording lies in capturing real musicians playing together in one room. The LA native is an in-demand session musician, engineer, producer, and mixer. Consequently, he has collaborated with artists such as Beck, Keyon Harrold, Childish Gambino, Dwight Yoakum, and Frith.

In this week's free live-stream Q&A on the Townsend Labs YouTube channel, Cassidy Turbin will discuss recording techniques, creativity, and how working with the artist Beck has left a lasting impression on him. Plus, our product expert Julian David will be at the ready to cover any questions related to our award-winning Sphere L22 microphone modeling system, which has become Cassidy's go-to workhorse mic.

Make sure to catch Cassidy's interview feature on our channels this week and join us on Sunday with your questions in hand.

Watch the Live Q&A with Grammy-winner Cassidy Turbin

Enjoy the free live Q&A session right here or join us on our YouTube channel on Sunday, September 20th, at 12 pm PDT / 3 pm EDT / 10 pm CEST.

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The Magic of Recording with Cassidy Turbin

We met up with him at his personal studio, Willowcrest Recorders, in Los Angeles to talk about microphones and the magic of recording. In the video, Cassidy also explains what made him overcome his initial skepticism to try a modeling mic. Watch the video below and stay tuned for more content from Cassidy on Instagram:

With Sphere you now can:

  • Record with the sound of microphones many have only dreamt about
  • Change mic type, polar pattern, and other microphone characteristics, even after tracking!
  • Audition the sound of different microphones without tiring the vocalist
  • Reduce bleed, undesirable room coloration, and other common issues using Off-Axis Correction™
  • Record in stereo from a single microphone

We invite you to install the free, fully-featured Sphere plug-in for all major platforms and DAWs. Try it now and reimagine our library of pre-recorded tracks.




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