Luck Be a Sphere L22

The wonderfully talented Bulgarian singer, Orlin Pavlov, had a chance to put the Sphere Microphone System through its paces. Here's a video of him singing Luck Be A Lady with a heavy dose of Sinatra.

During the performance the Sphere microphone models are changed, so you can hear the various options. We definitely recommend listening to this on high-quality headphones or studio monitors so you can really appreciate the differences.

The recording chain is very simple, with the mic going into an Apollo with a UAD API Vision Channel Strip and sparing use of UA's Pure Plate reverb. No EQ or compression was used. It sounds like there might be a touch of "boxy" coloration from the reflection filter but overall we think it sounds great.

Special thanks to Almar for providing a demo mic and Reptilla recording studio for putting the video together.