Sphere L22 Detailed Info

The Sphere product page has a wealth of information and provides a good overview. Don't forget to watch the Sphere intro video at the top.
Sphere L22 Product Page

Here are some videos that go into more detail about the product.
Sphere Plugin Basics Video
Sphere How to Record in Stereo Video

This page covers the new features added in Sphere version 1.5, including the patented IsoSphere reflection filter compensation.
Townsend Labs Releases Sphere 1.5 Update

This page has a more in-depth look at the patented IsoSphere reflection filter compensation.
IsoSphere Explained

The Sphere User Guide has lots of great info.
User Guide

Our Sphere Whitepaper goes into the technology behind the product and covers all of the features in more detail.
Sphere Technology Whitepaper

To try out the Sphere plug-in you can download it here. Also available are prerecorded L22 audio tracks so you can try even if you don't have an L22 microphone.
Sphere Plug-In Download

For additional answers check out the Sphere FAQ.
Sphere FAQ

Sphere reviews from magazines and other media outlets.
Sphere Product Reviews

The Sweetwater website has a large number of Sphere customer reviews. Many of the reviews are quite in-depth and provide a view of how actual customers are using Sphere.
Sphere Sweetwater Customer Reviews