Acoustic Guitar Comparison | Sphere Sounds

What does the Sphere L22 sound like on acoustic guitar? Townsend Labs product expert Julian David recorded this acoustic guitar performance by Matthias Krämer with a single Sphere L22. Hear and compare select mic models from our core collection including 34 mic models on a looping guitar part. Check it out:

Mic Models

The acoustic guitar comparison starts with Sphere Direct, the unprocessed sound of the L22. We then hear the LD-12 with its lovely high-end sheen. The RB-4038 model on the other hand has a super dark top end but a rich lower midrange that can work extremely well on thin-sounding instruments. Next up are the SD-451 and LD-414 Brass models, both instrument recording classics, and finally the very detailed LD-800. No further processing or effects were added to the sound, so all you hear is the impact of the different microphone models.


For the entire demo Julian positioned the mic about 9 inches away from the instrument pointing at the area where the neck meets the body. The more the mic is rotated towards the sound hole, the more bass it will pick up. The guitar is a lovely sounding Furch OM that was just a joy to record. Matthias Krämer is a guitarist, composer, and engineer from Germany, where he (among other things) performs in the band for ZDF Neo Magazin Royale, a late night tv show. Click the image below to see a couple of photos illustrating the setup for this recording.

With Sphere you can audition and change the microphone model both while you're recording but also long after tracking. This makes comparing microphones really easy and means that you don't have to commit right away. We have ready-to-go session files available for you with several acoustic guitar examples so you can experiment on your own. You are invited to install the free, fully-featured Sphere plug-in for all major platforms and DAWs. Try it now and reimagine our library of pre-recorded tracks.