Sphere Spotify Playlists - Call for Submissions

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Discover, share, get heard!
Submit your music to get picked for our curated Sphere playlists on Spotify.

As we’re all hunkered down in isolation, there’s one thing we can always fall back on: The joy of listening to great music. It’s true for us here at the Townsend Labs HQ, at the very least, but we’re sure most of you would agree.

Every so often, folks ask us about tracks recorded with the Sphere L22, but we don’t always know about all the good stuff that’s out there. So we thought, we’d ask you, the Sphere owners, to submit the songs you’re most proud of to us for consideration.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the artist yourself or if you’re a producer/engineer, and you would like to share some of your clients’ songs. We’re looking forward to hearing your best work recorded with Sphere in any genre or style. And you can submit as many songs as you deem worthy. We will then review all submissions and add the best tracks to our curated Spotify playlists.

We get it: Making your music cut through the noise is tough. Our hope is that our playlists will help just a little bit to let your songs get noticed and help others explore the amazing sonic palette of Sphere.

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