Goodbye Latency: Why Grammy Winners Put Artist Monitoring First

Recording latency is one of those invisible issues that can be difficult to pin down. Yet, it can absolutely make or break a session. In talking to seasoned, award-winning producers and engineers on our live stream Q&As and interviews here at Townsend Labs, there’s been one common thread: Because excessive latency can be so irritating,…

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The Magic of Recording with Cassidy Turbin | Sphere Stories

The Magic of Recording with Cassidy Turbin square 1200 px

For the 5x-Grammy-winning producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist Cassidy Turbin, the magic of recording lies in capturing real musicians playing together in one room. We met up with him at his personal studio, Willowcrest Recorders, in Los Angeles to talk about microphones, the magic of recording, and what it was like working with the artist Beck. …

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