Sphere 1.5 Reviews

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the reviews are in! Over the past couple of weeks since the release of our Sphere 1.5 software update, several reviewers have put the Sphere plug-in through its paces. From big YouTube channels like Podcastage to personal shout-outs from customers - we're flattered by them all. We're particularly thrilled about the Sphere…

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Acoustic Guitar Reviews the Sphere L22

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Doug Young, an editor of Acoustic Guitar magazine, honed in on the benefits of the Sphere L22 for acoustic guitar players in his detailed review:  In the written review on the Acoustic Guitar page, Doug explains how Sphere gives access to a world-class microphone locker. He then moves on to highlight some of the…

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Sphere L22 is Product of the Year 2019 on Pro Tools Expert

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London based Multi-Instrumentalist, Arranger, Music Producer, and Mixer Dan Cooper of Pro Tools Expert chose the Sphere L22 as his Product of the Year 2019. After initially being rather skeptical, the Sphere L22 has become an absolute workhorse microphone for Dan. He first tested the mic for Pro Tools Expert back in 2018 and quickly…

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Compare Sphere and other modeling mics to an original Sony C800G

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Sometimes we get asked: "How close is the modeling to the original?" - Typically, our answer is, "Which one?" Production tolerances and aging effects of capsules and components are causing vintage mics to vary substantially from one unit to the next. But we recognize that it's still a burning question for some. Fortunately, the fantastic Audio…

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