Goodbye Latency: Why Grammy Winners Put Artist Monitoring First

Recording latency is one of those invisible issues that can be difficult to pin down. Yet, it can absolutely make or break a session. In talking to seasoned, award-winning producers and engineers on our live stream Q&As and interviews here at Townsend Labs, there’s been one common thread: Because excessive latency can be so irritating,…

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Microphone Masterclass: Sony C-37A

Microphone Masterclass: Sony C-37A 1200px square thumbnail

Japan Takes On The World With An Underappreciated Classic One of the hidden gems of the Bill Putnam Mic Collection, available for users of the Sphere L22 and the Universal Audio UAD-2 and Apollo DSP platforms, is the BP-37A. Recently, Sphere version 1.5 added the LD-37A and LD-37P models to the Sphere L22’s growing mic…

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Sphere 1.5 Reviews

Sphere 1.5 reviews hero image 5 stars 1200x square

Ladies and Gentlemen, the reviews are in! Over the past couple of weeks since the release of our Sphere 1.5 software update, several reviewers have put the Sphere plug-in through its paces. From big YouTube channels like Podcastage to personal shout-outs from customers - we're flattered by them all. We're particularly thrilled about the Sphere…

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Beyond Modeling - Townsend Labs Releases Sphere 1.5

Townsend Labs Sphere 1.5 key art square 1200 px beyond modeling

Campbell, California, November 10, 2020: Townsend Labs is proud to announce the latest update to Sphere—the software component in the award-winning and best-in-class Sphere L22 microphone modeling system. Version 1.5 adds new features for voice-over artists and music producers seeking better recordings under challenging conditions. New models of four classic microphones, each with a proud…

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Trust Your Ears: With Audio Test Kitchen and Sphere

Trust your ears with Audio Test Kitchen and Sphere Jason Goldberg thumbnail square

Jason 'Cheese' Goldberg is one of the top modern rap engineers trusted by clients like Youngboy, Post Malone, and Rich The Kid.  By auditioning the Townsend Labs Sphere L22 on Audio Test Kitchen’s free website and then confirming the impressions in his studio, Jason was able to trust the Sphere L22 for his most critical…

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Townsend Labs earns patent for innovative microphone technology

Townsend Labs earns patent for innovative microphone technology blog post press release 1200px square

Campbell, California, October 8, 2020: As reported by Production Expert, Townsend Labs has successfully been granted another innovative US patent that pushes the envelope for professional microphone technology. Parts of this new patent will find their implementation in a forthcoming, free update of the Sphere plug-in, the software counterpart to the award-winning Sphere L22 microphone.…

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'Spell of Love' Session Walkthrough with Cassidy Turbin

Spell of Love session walkthrough with Cassidy Turbin 2000 px square

5x-Grammy-Winner Cassidy Turbin (Beck, Keyon Harrold, Childish Gambino) and his brother Jason (aka Cadence Kid) embarked on recording a song using mostly the Sphere L22 microphone. The project highlights how Cassidy uses the Sphere L22 to record and mix a wide range of instruments. Here is Cassidy's exclusive session walkthrough of their original tune "Spell…

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