Microphone Masterclass: Sony C-37A

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Japan Takes On The World With An Underappreciated Classic One of the hidden gems of the Bill Putnam Mic Collection, available for users of the Sphere L22 and the Universal Audio UAD-2 and Apollo DSP platforms, is the BP-37A. Recently, Sphere version 1.5 added the LD-37A and LD-37P models to the Sphere L22’s growing mic…

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Microphone Masterclass: AKG C12

Microphone Masterclass: AKG C12 1200px square thumbnail

Our LD-12 model – and the two specific mics in the Ocean Way Collection,  the OW-12 #1 and #2 – are based on the AKG C12, a legendary mic from the 1950s whose unparalleled sound arose from its unique combination of capsule design and tube electronics. In this Microphone Masterclass, meet the mic that, for…

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The U67 in Depth

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One of the evergreen classics in the world of microphones is the Neumann U67. It is a multi-pattern tube condenser microphone which was presented to the world in 1960. It was the successor to the legendary Neumann U47—although they did exist in parallel for a few years. Over the years and decades it has become…

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