'Spell of Love' Session Walkthrough with Cassidy Turbin

Spell of Love session walkthrough with Cassidy Turbin 2000 px square

5x-Grammy-Winner Cassidy Turbin (Beck, Keyon Harrold, Childish Gambino) and his brother Jason (aka Cadence Kid) embarked on recording a song using mostly the Sphere L22 microphone. The project highlights how Cassidy uses the Sphere L22 to record and mix a wide range of instruments. Here is Cassidy's exclusive session walkthrough of their original tune "Spell…

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Watch Dave Grohl perform 'Times Like These' with Sphere L22

Dave Grohl performs with Townsend Labs Sphere L22 blog post thumbnail

For BBC Radio One's Big Night In charity event on April 23, 2020, rock icon Dave Grohl joins a cast of the world's biggest music artists for a heartfelt remote performance of 'Times Like These". In support of the global effort to stay safe and stay home during the coronavirus crisis, all artists recorded themselves…

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Acoustic Guitar Reviews the Sphere L22

Townsend Labs Acoustic Guitar reviews Sphere L22 thumbnail 1800 px

Doug Young, an editor of Acoustic Guitar magazine, honed in on the benefits of the Sphere L22 for acoustic guitar players in his detailed review:  In the written review on the Acoustic Guitar page, Doug explains how Sphere gives access to a world-class microphone locker. He then moves on to highlight some of the…

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KTEE sings her ‘Melody’ with the Sphere L22 | Sphere Stories

Townsend Labs KTEE Melody Bern Wagner blog post square thumbnail 1080px

Austrian singer KTEE has been singing since the moment she spoke her first word, so nailing a vocal performance at 2:00 am in a freezing warehouse is just up her alley. This was, in fact, the setup for this one-take acoustic live video showcasing our Sphere L22 microphone. Performing together with her producer and guitarist…

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Alana feat. Christian Frentzen - Mama | Sphere Sessions

Townsend Labs Alana Alexander Christian Frentzen Mama blog post thumbnail 1080px square

The loss of a loved one is incredibly difficult to come to terms with, yet it's something we all have to deal with at some point in our lives as human beings. The power of music is that it can sometimes help us process or even overcome these tragic moments. For singer Alana, who lost…

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Stereo Acoustic Guitar Made Easy | Sphere Shortcuts

Townsend Labs sphere shortcuts acoustic guitar made easy thumbnail square 1080px

The ability to record in stereo with a single L22 microphone is one of Sphere’s features that go far beyond mic modeling. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it sounds great - it comes as no surprise that many Sphere owners love using the mic like this. Join our product expert Julian David for this super…

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Grand Piano Mic Model Comparison | Sphere Sounds

Townsend Labs sphere sounds grand piano mic model comparison thumbnail square 1080px

What does the Sphere L22 sound like on a grand piano? Townsend Labs product expert Julian David recorded this piano performance by Christian Li with a spaced pair of Sphere L22s. Hear and compare select mic models from our included Core collection of more than 20 mics with Christian's improvisation titled "Patriot Peace". Check it…

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Sphere Plug-In Basics | Inside Sphere

townsend labs inside sphere plug-in basics video thumbnail thumbnail preview 1080px square

 Explore the basic controls and main features of the Sphere plug-in In our second episode of Inside Sphere, Townsend Labs product expert Julian David walks you through the basic view of the Sphere plug-in. Learn about all of the controls in the plug-in's "Single View", designed to give quick access to great sounds. You will…

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An Introduction to Sphere | Inside Sphere

townsend labs inside sphere introduction video thumbnail thumbnail preview 1080px square

 What is the Sphere Microphone Modeling System and why would you want to get one? Townsend Labs product expert Julian David explains the basic concepts of Sphere and what the benefits are. Learn more and reimagine our library of pre-recorded tracks now. Click here to download the free, fully-featured plug-in and ready-to-go sessions for…

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