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Grand Piano Mic Model Comparison | Sphere Sounds

Townsend Labs sphere sounds grand piano mic model comparison thumbnail square 1080px

What does the Sphere L22 sound like on a grand piano? Townsend Labs product expert Julian David recorded this piano performance by Christian Li with a spaced pair of Sphere L22s. Hear and compare select mic models from our included Core collection of more than 20 mics with Christian's improvisation titled "Patriot Peace". Check it…

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Sphere Plug-In Basics | Inside Sphere

townsend labs inside sphere plug-in basics video thumbnail thumbnail preview 1080px square

 Explore the basic controls and main features of the Sphere plug-in In our second episode of Inside Sphere, Townsend Labs product expert Julian David walks you through the basic view of the Sphere plug-in. Learn about all of the controls in the plug-in's "Single View", designed to give quick access to great sounds. You will…

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