Voice-Over Live Panel on December 11th

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Are you a voice-over artist or recording engineer? Rewatch our two-hour voice-over live panel held on December 11th, 2020 tailor-made for you.  Click here to open the video player in a new tab on YouTube to join the conversation. Voice-Over Live Panel With Industry Greats We're honored to bring you a top-notch panel consisting…

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Sphere 1.5 Reviews

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the reviews are in! Over the past couple of weeks since the release of our Sphere 1.5 software update, several reviewers have put the Sphere plug-in through its paces. From big YouTube channels like Podcastage to personal shout-outs from customers - we're flattered by them all. We're particularly thrilled about the Sphere…

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Brent Hagel reviews L22 for Voice-Over

Are you looking for a versatile microphone to record professional voice-overs? Look no further and check out Brent Hagel's video review of the Sphere L22:  The voice-over artist and owner of the Trailer Voice Artists agency set out to run the Sphere L22 through its paces. The video is a good reminder that a…

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