This Is How We Thank Those People Who Got Us To $300,000


Not much more than a month ago no one had heard of Townsend Labs and the amazing Sphere real 3D mic modeling system.

We asked people to believe in our vision and set a target on Indiegogo of $40,000.

As we come to the end of the campaign we've just passed $300,000... THANK YOU!

We promised all those who supported us that if we got past $300,000 that each one would get a Sphere 3D model of the classic 251 microphone. So now the 251 model is officially under development!

But we are so overwhelmed by your generosity that we are also going to give each backer who got us there a Sphere 3D model of the 800g microphone, it's our way of responding to the generosity of the pro audio community.

We can't give a firm date as to when those two mic models will be shipping but we are working hard to make sure you don't have to wait long.

The Sphere L22 is an amazing microphone that has some incredible features. It also happens to model classic microphones.

So again THANK YOU!

Chris and Erik