Trust Your Ears: With Audio Test Kitchen and Sphere

Jason 'Cheese' Goldberg is one of the top modern rap engineers trusted by clients like Youngboy, Post Malone, and Rich The Kid.  By auditioning the Townsend Labs Sphere L22 on Audio Test Kitchen’s free website and then confirming the impressions in his studio, Jason was able to trust the Sphere L22 for his most critical recordings with these uncompromising clients.

Trust Your Ears like Jason Goldberg with Audio Test Kitchen

As an experienced tracking and mixing engineer, Jason Goldberg understands the importance of making the choice for yourself. When developing his "Record Anywhere" approach to recording modern rap vocals, he turned to tools like Audio Test Kitchen rather than blindly believing the hype.

"It's not the gear, it's the ear!" - Jason 'Cheese' Goldberg

The LD-800 and OW-800 (from the Ocean Way Mic Collection) models based on the iconic Sony C800G are his top choices for modern rap vocals. Our friends at Production Expert recently featured a comparison of the available modeling options and the original Sony mic.

We share a common mission with Audio Test Kitchen: To empower the individual with choice. Put the Sphere L22 to test in the ultimate Audio Test Kitchen at

Then, download the free, fully-featured Sphere plug-in and our ready-to-go demo track sessions from our website. Gain access to the iconic sounds of 30 world-class microphones today.

With Sphere you now can:

  • Get a world-class microphone collection of 34 stunning-sounding mics
  • Cover an enormous range of applications with a single microphone
  • Change mic type, polar pattern, and other microphone characteristics, even after tracking!
  • Audition the sound of different microphones without tiring the artist
  • Record in stereo from a single microphone
  • Reduce bleed, undesirable room coloration, and other common issues using Off-Axis Correction™

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