Voice-Over Live Panel on December 11th

Are you a voice-over artist or recording engineer? Rewatch our two-hour voice-over live panel held on December 11th, 2020 tailor-made for you.

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Voice-Over Live Panel With Industry Greats

We're honored to bring you a top-notch panel consisting of industry greats such as Mara Junot, Jordan Reynolds, Jason Linere White, and Brent Allen Hagel. This panel was jam-packed with everything you need to know about voice recording. We talked about what kind of gear you need for professional voice-over recordings. Of course, Jordan, Mara, and Brent reported on how our Sphere L22 microphone fits into their voice recording workflow. But we also discussed how to develop your voice and the business end of the VO game in much depth.

Highlights of the Voice-Over Live Panel:

Here are some of the highlights of our voice-over live panel. Click on each topic to jump directly to the chapter on the YouTube video:

About our panelists:

Mara Junot is an accomplished African-American voice actress with over a decade of experience bringing words to life. Her naturally intuitive vocal ability resonates with warmth, confidence and the promise of connection. Whether engaged in promotional, commercial, gaming or announcer voice-over work, Mara delivers sophisticated style.
More info: https://www.marajunot.com/

Jordan Reynolds is an extremely talented voice-over artist, music enthusiast, tech geek, and audio ninja. Some of you may know his amazing YouTube channel where he shares lots of great advice on how to best record your own voice and how to improve your recording space.
More info: https://www.jordanreynolds.com/

You can hear Jason Linere White's voice-over art in countless video games and national college spots. He currently is the voice of "Scrubby" of Johnson and Johnson's - "Scrubbing Bubbles", as well as the national voice of Lids Sports apparel brand. Always in constant movement, be it in social media, workout groups, ADR, teaching martial arts, or speaking at VO conferences - it’s no wonder that Jason has been referred to as the “Jackie Chan” of voice over.
More info:

Brent Allen Hagel is a trailer and promo voice artist with an exceptional track record (Netflix, NBC Megyn Kelly, CBS Instinct, NCAA, and more). He is also the founder and owner of Trailer Voice Artists. TVA is a casting and talent development company for top tier voice actors in the promo and trailer genres.
More info: https://www.brentallenhagel.com/

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